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Scenar Technology

Dubbed “the Star Trek device” by the European press, Scenar (an acronym for Self- controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Reflex) made its appearance onto the western stage in the latter half of the 1990’s as perestroika helped to unravel the Soviet Union. A team of Russian doctors and scientists at Sochi University developed Scenar technology in the late 1970’s as massive funding went into the space race where a health device providing portability, ease of use and effectiveness were of paramount importance.

How it works
Scenar technology allows the device to mimic nerve impulses in a biofeedback dialogue with the central nervous system, a dynamic communication that facilitates internal balance and the re-establishment of homeostasis. A healthy coherent body has the ability to deal with pathology quickly by harnessing its own internal pharmacy of bioactive compounds, producing healing that the conscious mind is often unaware of or at worst is projected as a fast moving progression of symptoms resulting in a return to normality or good health. When repetitive pathological signals cannot be processed, the body eventually fails to recognise that it has a problem and effectively stops communicating with the pathology, creating an energy cyst – isolated from the body’s awareness.

The Scenar is operated by placing the electrode directly on the skin and can usually be sensed by the recipient as a pleasant tingling sensation. As the operator moves the device over the skin information is collected that identifies areas of ‘small asymmetry’ - pathology relating to tissues and organs connected via the ectodermic layer. Once located the Scenar becomes the Dr Dolittle of the cellular world, prompting and stimulating the nervous system to produce neuropeptides (nerve chemicals that are generally regarded as the most powerful of healing elements) in a response that is immediate and long lasting.

Why it works
As information is now flowing to previously unresponsive areas (energy cysts), communication continues long after the treatment is completed and helps other members of the body’s energetic orchestra bring about harmony and coherence. The success of Scenar therapy is effected by:

  • Stimulation of all the skin structures. The skin develops from the same embryological layer as the nervous system allowing for treatment of internal organs via reflexive zones on the skins surface. 
  • Working along acupuncture meridians and neurological zones. 
  • Action on A, B and C nerve fibres creating powerful neuropeptide cascades. 
  • Restoring homeostasis and sympathetic / parasympathetic balance. 
  • Eliminating repetitive central nervous system patterns. 
  • Working directly on local spinal reflexes. 
  • Re-establishing normal membranous resonance. 
  • Through molecular polarization it normalizes adapted tissue polarities. 
  • By microphoresis as it stimulates selective re-absorption of trace elements and minerals from the skin. 

Technical Information:
The basic mode of operation is to deliver a “dosage” of electrical stimulation impulses to the body via in-built and/or remote electrodes in direct contact with the skin surface. These impulses have been tailored to mimic the electrical discharges of the nervous system, in order to elicit the organism’s response with optimum efficiency and minimum disruption to cell function, depending upon the unique requirements of the presenting pain disease dynamics (or lack of same). The action is aimed at both the “fast” pain blocking A-fibres and the “slow” pain producing and peptide generating C-fibres.

The signal stream, comprising waveform, signal strength (voltage and current) and frequency, can be varied in a number of ways, either by pre-selection by the operator or automatically by the control circuitry of the device. automatically or overridden at the discretion of the operator, with guidance from visual indicators – colour-coded LED displays.

The basic signal component is a bipolar pulse, consisting of a negative square-wave followed by a positive saw-tooth, starting and finishing at zero and lasting for a few microseconds.  Alternatively, a single pulse may be pre-selected to a pulse repeat rate (PRP) over a set frequency range ( F=14, 60, 90, 340 Hz). The signal may also be “modulated” (Mod=3:1) either by altering the ratio of “time-on” to “time-off”.

There is also the possibility of automatically cycling both the pulse repeat rate (PRP) over a set frequency range (FM – say from 30 to 120Hz over7 seconds) and the waveform-damping factor (Dmpf = Var). These cyclical modes can again be invoked either individually or together. The purpose of all these variants is to make available to the operator a comprehensive arsenal with which to stimulate both acute and chronic conditions and prevent the body from adapting to the signal before there has been time to generate sufficient neuro-peptides (endorphins etc.) to relieve pain and create an enhanced environment for the organism to bring into play its own healing pharmacy to move towards homeostasis.

The power output can be set by the operator to be detectable but comfortable for the recipient. It can also be adjusted during application should this be required. The maximum current output is 70mA and the peak voltage is 180v, derived from an internal battery.  A further level of stimulation is introduced by a random variation of the pulse amplitude from zero to the chosen comfort such that no two impulses are the same). This discourages adaptation in the organism. A feedback mechanism is provided by the constant monitoring of skin impedance, which will change with time and “dosage” delivered. Integration of these values permits calculation and display of rate of change (of current flow) and coefficient of waveform in relation to the starting point.



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