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Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief

Back pain is epidemic. According to the BackCare charity nearly 50% of the adult population of UK will suffer lower back pain for at least 24 hours over the course of any year, with 5,000,000 working days lost in 2003 and a cost per annum of more than 2 billion pounds. In industrialized countries 80% of the population will experience back pain at least once, affecting the quality of life with a significant drain on the health care resources , economically it is a disaster for business and the sufferer alike. 

Chronic back pain

Disturbed sleep night after night, hard to enjoy walking or sport , can't go about the day-to-day tasks most people take for granted, difficult or impossible to tie your shoe laces without terrible pain, feel like giving up, depression , taking more and more toxic drugs to try and get relief …. does this sound like you ? If it does you are very likely in the right place to find a solution! . 

There can be a huge range of reasons why chronic problems are just that … chronic; from toxins in your food, carpets, cleaning products , emotional stresses and strains, manual labour .. .and the list goes on; a better understanding will be found in our video and download section (members area) of how to reverse and detoxify the body with the the Pain Genie as the catalyst. We often take a stand at the Back Pain Show in London, one of the biggest in Europe,  where over the years hundreds of people have found relief that they could never have believed - usually in under 5 minutes. Chronic back pain can usually be completely or massively reduced using the Pain Genie and our perfected simple techniques - keep reading and see our testimonials

With back pain, painful joints and muscles, there is nothing we know of that works faster for reducing pain and stress than the Pain Genie Scenar - it often has to be experienced to be believed. Although we are only licensed as a 'pain relief' device this is the tip of the iceberg. 'Its the things you did not say (or could not say) , is what's really important' ..  we hear from some of our customers.

The Pain Genie uses the latest genuine Scenar technology from the Russian Space Program. The technology was developed by an elite team of doctors and scientists in order to treat Cosmonauts during space travel and prevent them from becoming ill. Based on a deep understanding of how the 75 trillion cells in your body work and communicate with each other it uses similar principles to acupuncture and Chinese zonal therapies, and is usually more effective.

 As the device emits nerve like impulses through the skin , the body's responses are analysed and a 'biofeedback' exchange is created. This releases a cascade of neuro-peptides from the body's own internal pharmacy of bio-active compounds,  which target inflammation and pain as well as re-educating the body as to the 'cause' (not the 'symptom') of the problem. Part of this process can lead to a lot of 'positive side effects'  , such as relaxation, re-alignment of muscles, ligaments, joints and trapped nerves, better sleep etc. As shown in easy techniques on our DVD and members area - treat yourself or others a few minutes every day - even after the pain has gone. The device itself does not heal anything - it is the body in response to the Pain Genie that does! 

Acute back pain

This is much easier to describe, understand and treat. The pain usually comes on suddenly, sometimes for no apparent reason or more likely one of the factors mentioned below which can also lead to chronic beck pain if not treated. 

  • Back pain from heavy lifting or carrying: one of the most serious causes of back pain in that this is more likely than most other factors to cause real damage to soft tissues or even the spine. Can affect any part of the back but especially the lumbar region.
  • Back pain from prolongued poor posture: slouching in a chair, driving for a long time without a break, standing up for long periods sets up a temporary misalignment in muscles.
  • Back pain from over-stretching: twisting, bending, reaching, stretching awkwardly sets up a temporary misalignment in muscles.
  • Back pain from major injuries: falls, car crashes, contact or extreme sports injuries and industrial accidents can all cause major back problems. The Pain Genie can help in most situations, but how quickly it helps depends on the severity of the damage, which may first necessitate various orthopedic interventions.
  • Back pain from respiratory conditions: violent coughing causes spasms in the back muscles, which become temporarily misaligned.

Acute back pain is usually the easiest type to treat, and, depending on whether any long-term damage has been done, one or two treatments may be sufficient.

Treatment for Back Pain with the Pain Genie:

Working out the cause of any dis-ease seems to be fraught with mis-diagnosis and complexity - especially it seems by the western medical fraternity; how many cases of  mis-diagnosis , incorrect drug prescriptions that we see increasingly reported - court cases , pay offs etc. It also appears that different doctors can see the same patient and make a contrary analysis … its not easy, especially because they are dealing with 'symptoms' , not 'causes'. The Hippocratic oath says "… never do harm" , but how can this be possible when the cause is usually not found and pharmaceuticals deal with symptoms and are often highly toxic with bad side effects. (check out LD50 ratings , go to Youtube -  Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing) Holistic practitioners can also can find it difficult to find the cause even though they mostly 'do no harm' with any treatment they give. 

Imagine a device that can find the 'cause'!

The Pain Genie together with the simple techniques we have perfected does just that. Imagine this - you are rubbing the Pain Genie over your arm and it finds a 'sticky patch' over the wrist area (explained on our DVD) which you start brushing until you notice the 'stickiness' is much less sticky. You then realise that your lower back pain … is .. well …. much better … and you feel different. This is because of the body's holographic nature, where 'blockages' can be in different parts of the body and not necessarily where the 'referred pain' is; this relates to principles that are explained in Chinese medicine, meridian channels etc; come on one of our training courses to learn more and make things 'simple'. So , if you can find the 'blockages' or cause you are already half way there.  

Having found the cause the bio-feedback starts to stimulate the central nervous system and the recovery process is kick started. As the muscles are also 're-educated' by this response , the balance between the two sides of the body, and between different limbs or sections of the body is often restored - especially as you treat over a period of time. As these nerve signals are normalised, the strength and length of the muscles is naturally restored, joints return to natural functions with less deterioration, and inflammation and pain are removed.

Without ascertaining the cause, or some other kind of intervention that re-sets the malfunctioning neurology, any amount of kneading, pulling, twisting, and bone-crunching will do nothing more than temporarily alleviate the back pain and restore limited function, without addressing the real, underlying causes of the problem.

Whatever the condition, treating the back (running the device down the spine) is important, but not vital to the speed of recovery - this is called the 'Three Pathways and Six Points' protocol. If you know your anatomy and physiology the areas that are sticky, wherever they may be,  will tell you a great deal about the tissues, organs and meridian channels that are blocked. If you don't know - don't worry, as long as you can find the 'sticky areas' and brush them you should take care of pain and accelerate healing.The Pain Genie can be used on its own or together with certain attachments if necessary to further accelerate the speed of recovery. Effectively,  by following our simple techniques on the DVD and on-line members area you will give yourself, or anyone else that you treat, what amounts to a whole-body MOT and tune-up (soon to be expanded upon in a section called Health Genieus) .

Some back pain just goes away temporarily without treatment, but the conditions that created it usually don't. So go ahead, try the Pain Genie , we don't think you will regret it. See our guarantee and testimonial section.


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