Recent International Events

Recent International Events


International Events 2010

Middleberg, Holland :

February      8/9th             - Training seminars

Dublin, Ireland :

February    7th                  - Seminar - introduction to non-invasive technologies
March        21st                - Seminar - Demonstration event for anyone in PAIN
July            3-4th              - Seminars - Sports injuries, neurological problems, treating pain - download flyer below
October     7-11th             - Seminars (Cork,Connemara,Belfast) and professional level I training
November 19th                - Introduction to the Pain Genie - beyond pain relief - The Natural Medicine Clinic

Please mail  - for details

Pula, Croatia :  

May            29th               - Seminar and demonstration event

Please mail - for details

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New member videos added



Forum Offline

Our forum is offline currently, down for maintenance....


Pain Genie Energy Medicine on The Health Revolution

Pain Genie TV Interview on The Health Revolution ...


New Training Dates for 2014

New training dates have been released for 2014 including a brand new one day training course in January 2014. See: 21st Century Training (


Good Points for Health

Look at the link below for acupuncture points that are easy to find and great for health. The best thing is - just brush the Pain Genie over these areas and .. if they are 'sticky' ... then they are definitely great points (areas) to treat ... why not 'dose' each of them. Watch the members area ...


Cosmetology Workshops Announced

Cosmetology Workshops - non surgical facelift: New training dates available - see: 21st Century Training (


Device Warranty Extended

Pain Genie Devices now come with 24 month warranty, up from 18 months....


Pain Genie Scenar For Chronic Fatigue And Depression

Dr Toni Bark - November 2012 We decided to study the device in research involving returning military personnel who are suffering from anxiety disorders. Fatigue and depression are two complaints which often accompany the disorder. The research is underway in Boston and a second site at ASU,...


new testimonials & member videos

additional video testimonials & membership treatments have been added....


New Member Videos

Additional member videos added for treatment for knee pain, use of pain relief pads....