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Pain Genie Video Testimonials

Please watch our video testimonials which demonstrate the various range of conditions that can be helped with the Pain Genie Scenar.

India - Sprained ankle pain

Sprained ankle jumping off a bus, unable to put weight on the left foot. After 5-10 minutes of treatment, able to walk again without pain after a further 2 minutes...

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years of back pain

Greg recounts how years of back pain were resolved with the Genie, and of how he treated the power lifting champion of Munster Province in Ireland with equally amazing effects!..

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Torn Tendon - Snowboarding

20 weeks of pain and little effect from 8 physio sessions left Aiden desperate for a solution. After 15 minutes with the Pain Genie he was pain free for the first time since his accident and went on a snowboarding holiday...

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Tony - Knee pain and ligament damage

Tony had knee pain and associated ligament damage for 4 years. After a 1 minute treatment with the Pain Genie he was pain free and able to bend his leg back to a lotus position - 'unbelievable' he says!..

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Tony - Ankle injury

Tony describes how a severe ankle injury was completely healed within 3 days of treating himself with the Pain Genie. He says 'I don't think there is anything else that could have healed it so quickly'...

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Sue Bonavia - Physiotherapist

Sue recounts how the Pain Genie has completely revolutionized her treatments with accelerated healing beyond anything she could have previously imagined...

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Drs Robert J Esser

After more than 20 years of successfully practising Traditional Acupuncture I was astounded to discover that such a small device could have a massive impact on .. Read More ›

Kadarijah Gardiner

Having read many testimonials during my 14 years of dealing not only with cancer, but also two heart attacks and on-going angina, I am wondering how to make my .. Read More ›

Rosemary C

As a Fibromyalgia sufferer - and using the Scenar to treat myself - I can say that it helped heaps, to the point where I can have weeks without pain. However, p.. Read More ›


I suffered from very painful RSI for years as a result of computer work. I had some Pain Genie Scenar treatments and now am pain free. Nothing else had the same.. Read More ›

Mike Reid, Radio DJ / TV Presenter

One moment I was in absolute agony, having injured the base of my back - I thought I'm not playing tennis again, at least for three weeks or so. I could hardly .. Read More ›

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